Captured Reality

Meanings manifest as physical realities we call the here and now.

They move through time in waves.
The waves synchronize so the centers of the meanings gather together as a single peak.

When all the meaning waves are exquisitely synchronized,
the meanings become coincident
and the reasons reality exists can be seen.
The reasons happen.
Whether we as individuals are coincident with it
or are aware of it
or not.

We have been riding the crest of reality.

For a long time the crest was in front of me.
I inched forward in time relative to the crest.
When I was approaching coincidence,
everything was important
and charged with meaning.

I was behind the crest but going faster than the crest
I was trying to slow down and attain the same speed as the crest
at the point at which I would be coincident with the crest.

I kept moving through the center.
My position in time is now before the crest of coincidence's position in time.
I happen before; the crest goes through the moment after.
When the crest happens, I see it happen.
It looks like confirmations of what I have already heard before.
I am now too early.

It is unclear whether I am now going faster or slower than the crest.
The crest seems somehow to be going in a slightly orthogonal direction.
I remember knowing that we would come back around and
the waves would again become coincident.
I still feel sure, but I don't see how it can happen.

I wonder.
If 40,000 waters is the period of the cycle of meaning waves,
if it takes 40,000 waters for the coincident configuration of the meaning waves to reappear,
and the scientists say the universe is 10 billion years old,
how many years is 40,000 waters?
How many times has the cycle repeated?

Meaning waves are not like physical waves; they do not undergo constructive interference.
When the meaning waves are coincident, they contribute to reasons' creation of reality in some other way.