The scientists are wrong
to dismiss peoples' beliefs
in God
because of rational analysis.

They must consider the
religious experience.
And I do not mean the
sense of awe when considering
the cosmos.

Carl Sagan approaches it with
his use of the word numinous.
But it is more than that.

When you witness an incident
and you feel a sense of deep,
complete understanding, both in
depth and history, and a sense
you were meant, designed,
to be exactly who, where, and when,
you are.

This religious experience can lead
to deep contentment and happiness.
Which does not detract from
one's ability to enjoy the awe
of the cosmos.

But even if it is an illusion
and the scientists are right
and there is nothing more
than matter and anergy,
then we each have 70 or 80 years
to spend here, and we might
as well spend them feeling
deep contentment and happiness.