Two Weeks

I let myself believe
the words you said
the things you did
you loved me.

I found out yesterday
I was wrong

I am exhausted
I want to be loved
But I don't have enough
energy left
to tell
if it's true

I thought I was in love again
I see now
it lasted about two weeks
I'm able to convince myself
for about that long
and then our lives' paths diverge
they stop being near enough
for me to be able to convince myself
any longer

Two weeks
of wishful thinking
and fear
that realizations are true
glimpses you are not who I think you are
you have a life that doesn't include me
and I am not important to you
except occasionally

I want to be important to you
most of the time
For two weeks
I was able to convince myself
I was

Does everybody feel this way?
They all seem to have lives
They all seem to have friends
who love them
They at least have friends
who spend time with them
If I want to get a hug
I have to get on a plane
and say please