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Individual Rest, Today, Tomorrow, Whenever

Are you feeling tired and run down? Do you find it hard to concentrate? Having you been longing for a nap, but just don't have the time? Well, good news. We can help!

Naps International can provide you with the relief you crave. We can nap for you, even when you're too busy to spare a minute. There's always time for a nap with Naps International. We can nap on our schedule, not yours. So, whenever you feel you're dragging through the day, call us. We'll take a quick nap and perk you right up.

Corporate Naps - Increase your employees' productivity

Naps are not just for individuals. Naps International can help businesses and corporate customers too.

Are your employees napping on the job? Did you know you can outsource that labor? We can help. Our team of experts can take over all your employees' napping needs.

Shift work and multiple time zones are no problem. We can nap any time, day or night, on your schedule, or ours.

Short naps, long naps, even all day naps during boring seminars. We nap by the minute, hour, day, week, or even month. We can handle all your napping needs. Just tell us when and how long, and we'll nap for you.

Do you get tired at your office? Or while travelling? Or even while commuting or when working from home? Wherever you are, if you're tired and need a rest, we can nap for you. We can nap at your site or ours. Remote napping is one of our specialties. We don't even need to know your location. We can handle all your napping needs.

Are your executives overloaded? Are they tired of handling tedious duties? Would they appreciate a good nap? We specialize in executive napping. We offer power naps for as little as 30 seconds. Or, for those who want regular refreshment, we offer scheduled naps for five to twenty minutes as many times a day as you request. And best of all, our naps will not intefere with your executives' schedules! If you want the best rest you've ever had while working hard, call us! We can nap for you!

Finally, before you place your order, please consider snoring. Do you want your naps to include a rich audio soundtrack of snoring? Think of the benefits when we snore for you: you get to blatantly criticize boring presentations with none of the risk. We have a wide of range of types of snoring. Remember to ask your representative for a demonstration.

Dangers of Being Over-Tired

Lest you think purchasing naps might be a frivolous expense, are you aware of the dangers of sleep deprivation? It can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and even weight loss or weight gain. Do you want to endure the humiliation of clumsiness or social awkwardness around loved ones, friends, or coworkers? Studies indicate sleep-deprivation significantly impairs drivers' abilities. Do you want your employees to be exposed to undue risk?

Please consider the benefits of different types of naps. From a light doze, to getting fully asleep, or even deep sleep complete with dreams, we can provide whatever level of rest you require. You decide how much time you want to invest in your projects. We can doze for a minute between meetings, nap during lengthy lectures, or even sleep while you're walking to your next lunch date. Just imagine being able to catch 40 winks whenever you need a quick pick me up. It can all be yours with services from Napping International.


For those of you who appreciate a good nap, we've come up with a few slogans. We hope to offer them as bumper stickers, T shirts, and perhaps embroidered on sheets and pillow cases:


We offer an unconditional guarantee for our naps. If you are not completely delighted and satisfied with the results, payment is not required.

Fine Print: We require a nonrefundable 5% deposit before napping begins. The balance is due at the end of the contract. If you are unsatisfied with the results, the final payment is not required.


Join our family of nappers today. Become a NapKin!


Remember, our team of experts are always ready to nap for you. When you need a nap, call us first. We're ready at a moment's notice. We're already in our pajamas! If you prefer high tech services, we offer naps on demand too! Let us NOD off for you.

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